Why The Fork?

Oh Promiscuity, Why Art Thou?


Promiscuity:  It’s all around us and yet what do we do about it?  Some people choose to commend these actions, some shy away from the subject while others completely disagree.  I say, all the power to you.  I in no way am condoning the fact that it’s how people should be or the life to live but if that’s the path they choose, who are you to stop it?  If you want to be promiscuous, be promiscuous!  Just be ready to accept the consequences if they should arise.   

In today’s society, when a girl/woman is on the more “promiscuous” side, she is often referred to as the four letter word most commonly known as a “slut”.  There are obviously other words people choose but how come when a guy goes down the same path, he’s considered a “stud”?   Most of us would agree he’s a player but be realistic, that’s only from the female point of view.  Guys tend to gather and bask in the achievements of adding one more to the list.

How many is too many?  Do you think if a guy has slept with more than he can count on two hand it’s too much?  Or does that number also change depending on his age?  Does the higher the number mean the more promiscuous you are?  I beg to differ.  Although I myself have thought it was a bit gross to be with someone who’s been with their fair share of women, when I actually met someone who was known to have been “around the block” I found myself not really caring.  I was too much in love and giddish to even care.  At the end of the day, it’s their past and you’re their future.  Are you really going to risk missing out on getting to know a real cool girl or guy just because of the number of people they’ve been with?  All I’m saying is, don’t let it control your life and have that be the deciding factor after meeting someone.  I mean, you can definitely make them work for it just so you know they’re in it for you rather than your bod. Maybe think of it this way, “of all the people they’ve met, YOU were the one they chose to stay with”.  Whether they do or not months or years down the road doesn’t matter.  Live each day as though it were your last and I’m sure you’ll open your eyes to see that there are still some pretty great prospects out there.

So what are you waiting for? Get the fork out there!

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